Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I want to shine the spotlight on something that's very dear to my heart, and I don't think gets the respect and love it deserves. Blues Brothers 2000.

Dan Akroyd and John Goodman team up with a young kid and a black cop to spread the blues all across America in a rip roarin', hole borin', beach shorin', Rip Tornin' good time that is not only better the original film, BUT IS ALSO THE GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME. Look it up, it's a fact.

So why does the movie get such a bad rap? Well easy. The Literati. Those smarmy bastards, in their top hats and monocles in their secret underground lairs where they drop nuclear bombs (figuratively) on our health system and shoot lasers (non-figuratively) at our economy. They loathe when a movie helps instill hope and promise into the people of the world, so they immediately forced every critic in the world to call the movie a turd hat. Don't you think it was a little harsh and strange when Peter Travers called the movie 'Bullshit propaganda that makes me wish I was in the Holocaust getting bullwhipped by a robotic hitler'? I certainly don't, as that was the only real review that was not influenced by the Literati.

So fight back against the secret, possibly non-existant evil group that runs the world we live in. Watch Blues Brothers 2000, and maybe, just maybe...our voices will be heard.


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