Sunday, July 09, 2006

I just finished my 1st techno album. It's called 'The Underground Rave-Road' and it's coming out under my DJ Gluehead name. If you like getting drugged up and dancing around with midgets in jester uniforms in abandoned warehouses surrounded by glowsticks and strobe lights, then I think this album is for you.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. I'm Tripping Out on E at Fatboy Slim's House
2. Bowp Bowp Bowp (Goes the Beat)
3. Siren! Alarm! Danger! Nooooo!
4. A Slave to the Underground Rave-Road (I Had a Dream...)
5. pOliTiKs
6. Da Bass Hits Ya Like Dat
7. Sh-Sh-Ah-Ah-Yuh-Yuh
8. I'm Tripping Out on E at Fatboy Slim's House (Extended Remix Version)
9. Eff Da Police

As you can tell by titles like 'A Slave to the Underground Rave-Road', 'pOliTiKs' and 'Da Bass Hits Ya Like Dat', this is a very politically aware techno album. Not only am I making the repetitive beats and loops people are expecting, I'm sampling in some political messages to educate you while you're lying on the floor of a warehouse, dying from dehyrdation. Just imagine...Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech...with a kicking rad bassline like 'boot boot boot boot dada boot boot boot' behind it. Yeah, it's on this album. And old Marty would've thought it was tripping the light fantastic.

And be sure to catch me at The Umbrella Factory on July 28th in San Diego. I'll be playing the new album there live, so charge up your glowsticks in the freezer now, because this rave's gonna be hot and full of pills! Also remember to not be a NARC if you're coming, thanks.

Bye for now.


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