Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I want to get revenge. That's my one and only goal in life. What's better than getting revenge? Nothing! I want to put on a leather jacket, drive off on a motorcycle and hunt down 'The White Cobra', the Southern crime lord who killed my Mexican partner and framed me for the murder. It'd be a lot like that show 'Renegade', except a lot less buff and I'm a little less of a sexist then Lorenzo Lamas.

Vengeance is pretty good, but that's a lot messier and there's a lot of red tape. When you declare revenge on someone, you usually just say 'I'll get you Murdock! Maybe not today...or tomorrow...but I'll get you!' You have lots of time to do other stuff too, like finish your errands or maybe go get some catfood for your wicked awesome cat. With vengeance, you're all like 'MURDOCK!!!!! YOU SNEAKY BASTARD!!! I'LL KILL YOU RIGHT THIS MOMENT!!!" and you don't have time to see your wicked awesome cat or anything, you just gotta go kill that bastard Murdock. Whoever he is. Let's say he punched your cat and you want to get him back. Fucking Murdock.

Then there's Revengeance. That's like, the ultimate form of getting back at someone. That's when you kill them, piss on their corpse, curse their family, piss on their grave, set their grave on fire, then piss on the ashes of their grave. Then you kill yourself to get to Heck (Or Hell if you want to be a pottymouth about it) and you piss on them down there and they're like 'Dude, why you peeing on me?' and you just say 'How's the weather down there, peeboy?' and you keep peeing on them for eternity. Satan will allow it, and possibly encourage it.

So I encourage you all, go out there and get revenge. Don't let your murdered Mexican partners die in vain. To quote Lorenzo Lamas from that show 'Renegade', 'I like my revenge like I like my women: cold and heartless. And cooking my dinner'.

Bye for now.


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